Dance in Education



You are a good dancer and you are creative in coming up with dance material. You are able to communicate your ideas with enthusiasm and conviction. And you are aged between 16 and 29. If you meet these conditions, you can audition for the Dance in Education course. A medical and a physical examination to assess your fitness to dance are part of the admission process.

Dance in Education admission criteria

    • Applicants must have completed VWO, HAVO, MBO (level 4) or the equivalent.
    • Maximum enrolment age is 29 years.
    • International students must meet certain language requirements.
    • Applicants must have passed the audition
    • Applicants must have received a positive result in the medical and physical examination

Language requirements

All our study programmes have language requirements. You will need to prove your language proficiency by handing in a certificate stating your level. The level for Dance in Education is:

          • B2, before 1 September 

Check exemptions and language courses.


Three-day audition

A three-day audition comprising of various selection rounds will take place in the spring. Besides having dance skills, you need to be creative when coming up with movement material which you can communicate enthusiastically and convincingly. The audition committee will take all these aspects into consideration in the different rounds.

Criteria for auditioning 

  • Has basic technical dance skills and development potential
  • Has natural movement coordination
  • Has a unique ‘voice’ and power of expression as a dancer
  • Is creative in improvisation
  • Is motivated to be a teacher
  • Is interested in the development of others
  • Communicates their passions, observations and ideas with the other participants and lecturers
  • Performs well in a group during creative processes
  • Is capable of adjusting their behaviour, according to the situation
  • Has their own thoughts about the role the art of dance plays in society
  • Is actively involved
  • Enjoys facing new challenges

 Clothing requirements during all components of the audition are: tightfitting leotard, tights and ballet shoes. In case of long hair: tied together.

Auditon dates

The admission dates for the 2018-2019 academic year:
First audition: 4 April 2018
Second audition: 5 April 2018
Third audition: 6 April 2018

Medical and physical examination

This examination looks at the physical suitability for taking part in the programme. Those who have travelled far to attend the auditions will receive this examination on the last audition day. For others we plan this at a later date. The examination will be carried out by staff members of the Papendal Medical Sport Centre (SMCP), in the ArtEZ building, and comprises a movement assessment, carried out by a physiotherapist/sports doctor and a medical examination, carried out by a physician assistant/sports doctor. The fee for the medical examination is 158 euros and must be paid in cash on the spot, after which you will receive a receipt. Depending on your health insurance you may be eligible for reimbursement.

Result and validity

You will be notified of whether you have been admitted within three working weeks.

Admission is only valid for the study programme for which you have enrolled. If you wish to apply for admission to a study programme or specialisation at another location you must register for this separately. The admission is only valid for the academic year directly following the entrance examination.