Classical Music

After graduation

"There is nothing better than working together with others to lift a piece to a higher level."

Masha Galperina
Former student Classical Music (piano)

After graduation

Once you have successfully completed your Classical Music degree at the Academy of Music in Zwolle, you will be entitled to refer to yourself as a Bachelor of Music. You will have a great artistic basis and be equipped for the versatile profession of musician. You will be able to make your own choices and formulate your vision in a professional setting. The ample practical experience that you will have acquired during your studies will enable you to build a solid network.

Independent musician

During your studies you will have reflected intensively on and researched your desired role as a musician in society. You will have experienced various facets of professional practice and met people who are familiar with the path you are keen to pursue. Thus ensuring that you are optimally prepared for your own entry into the professional world.

As a musician you will be able to draw on your musical knowledge and expertise in manifold ways. For example, you might become a freelancer in musical theatre, operatic or orchestral productions or you might be active with your own ensemble. You can opt to become affiliated with a music school or set up your own teaching practice. Which you could combine with your career as a performer. Or you might wish to consider creating and supervising activities within businesses or neighbourhoods as well. Furthermore, you could ply your trade behind the scenes, e.g. as a project manager or producer.

The services ArtEZ offers its graduates include starter guidance in setting up their own business.

Further study

The Master of Music links perfectly with the Bachelor’s. The latter will allow you to further specialize in the direction that appeals to you most. 

If you would prefer to obtain a top-level secondary teaching qualification in mainstream education, then the two-year Bespoke Music in Education course might be for you. You can take this course after you have obtained your bachelor's degree. You will pay the favourable statutory tuition.


Christiaan Kuyvenhoven is currently working as a pianist, presentator en producer/owner of Certo Productions. In 2014 he received the Wagner Stipendium Award for his show Cosima.