Artist Educator


'Everyone is an Artist'

Joseph Beuys


iMAE is an interdisciplinary masters course that promotes learning through praxis (the combination of educational theory with art practice). The course exploits the multifaceted and complex nature of contemporary art and its relationship with pedagogy and education.

Draw together the intentions of the artists with the needs of society

We draw inspiration from artist educators such as Joseph Beuys who challenged the elitist academy of art education by proclaiming that ‘everyone is an artist’. Beuys' statement was a call to all communities (not just ‘trained artists’) to exploit the inherent creativity that lies within each of us. This call came at a time of political upheaval in Europe and intended to disrupt the established systems of art education and the power of the art market. The intention was to promote art education that was inclusive and deeply political; promoting democracy, dissent and social change. An art that would promote democracy, dissent and social change. Over the past thirty years this concept has been adopted by many artists and has evolved into what could we can loosely term as Socially Engaged Arts Practice (SEAP). However, education has become a secondary consideration for SEAP as processes and product have taken precedence over the pedagogical potentiality of such works. iMAE reignites Beuys' concept and presents art education as a force of resistance in a time of intense political global upheaval.

iMAE recognises the transformative power of the arts. Therefore, while we support and promote the continued development of each of our student’s individual practice, our ultimate aim is to enable the growth and emergence of hybrid practice that draws together the poetic intentions of the artists with the needs of society.