Fine Art and Design in Education


Fine Art and Design in Education is a challenging course that requires hard work.

Artist Charl Landvreugd with students at Winterlab
Artist Charl Landvreugd with students at Winterlab

The Fine Art and Design in Education course in Zwolle is roughly divided into two units: an orientation unit and a profile unit. In the orientation unit, you will focus on the diversity of fine art and design, work as a teacher-educator in various professional fields and lay the foundation for thinking about what art could be based on history (art and culture history) and philosophy. In the profile unit, you will explore the field in which you want to work and the artistic expertise you wish to develop further.

The propaedeutic and broadening phase

This phase will offer you a broad range of subjects, allowing you to familiarise yourself with various disciplines. You will discover which fields you can work in, the breadth of fine art and design and its context, ranging from its history to the near future.

You will take courses such as Education, History of Art and Culture, Philosophy and Visual Art. The artistic domain is divided into two units. In one unit, you attend classes given by different lecturers who use their expertise to expand your world view in general and specifically in terms of fine art and design. This unit is called Field Broadening. The other unit challenges you to explore your own motives for making visual work and to take action. This unit is called Field Deepening.

In addition to these courses, you work on projects together with Music in Education and Theatre in Education students in a programme called Cultural and Artistic Development. You also work together with students from the Art & Design and Interior Design courses on projects and excursions to, for example, Berlin, the Winterlab and the Summerlab. In the Winterlab, you work together for two weeks on a pressing issue in society. You have Winterlab in the winters of year 1, 2 and 3. During the Summerlab (year 1), you will work in small interdisciplinary groups led by a fine artist or designer at different locations throughout the Netherlands.

Students of Art & Design and Interior Design at Winterlab, subject Xenophobia.
Students of Art & Design and Interior Design at Winterlab, subject Xenophobia.

In order to familiarise yourself with the different professional fields, you will complete internships at primary and secondary schools and in the art education field and you will work on projects. Initially you work in groups, but as the course progresses, you take more and more responsibility for your own work. In years 3 and 4, you will have more freedom to decide where you want to do an internship and why.

The graduation phase and profiling

In this phase leading up to the finals, you will work on two areas: Field and Design Research. Field stands for creating visual work, reflecting on it, studying the context in which your work develops itself, and learning about theory in the form of a statement. Theory and practice come together in this unit, which comprises 75% of the graduation phase. In Design Research, you get to grips with a pressing issue that is meaningful to both you and education. By exploring the issue practically and theoretically, you form a question about it and then research this question. This research then leads you to a design. This unit comprises 25% of the graduation phase. Additionally, a counsellor will help you with your personal and professional development.
The graduation phase is part of a more specialist profile in which you achieve further development from year 3 onwards. You will think about the target group you want to work with and the visual work you want to specialise in. Year 3 and 4 together form the profiling phase.

ArtEZ finals

At the end of your studies you will present the qualities you have developed to the professional field. You will show your expertise as an imaginative creator and present your teaching capabilities. You will do this together with your fellow students from the Fine Art and Design course in Zwolle, but also with those from the Art & Design and Interior Design courses.