Fine Art and Design in Education



ArtEZ is looking for students with entrepreneurial skills and artistic talent who enjoy working together.

Fine Art and Design in Education admission criteria

Applicants must have completed VWO, HAVO, MBO (level 4) or the equivalent. The Culture and Society specialisation is not required, but may be advantageous.
International students must meet certain language requirements.
Applicants must have successfully completed the entrance examination. During the entrance examination, we assess your chances of completing the study programme successfully.

Language requirements

All our courses have language requirements. You will need to prove your language proficiency by handing in a certificate stating your level. The level for Fine Art in Education is:

          • B2, before 31 August. If you need a residence permit to study at ArtEZ, the delivery deadline
            is 31 May! 

Check exemptions and language courses.

We assess:

  • Your creative capacity: the capacity with which you express yourself visually, working conceptually and perceptively. You have an understanding and sense of colours, shapes and materials. Your work shows innovation and originality.
  • Your communicative capacity: you have good communication skills, can share your interests and inspiration and you demonstrate decisiveness and discipline.
  • Your capacity for critical reflection: you have an inquisitive and experimental attitude, a passion for art and culture and a keen interest in the field.

Note! Graduates from a HBO Fine Art or Design course (Kuo) and graduates from a second degree teacher training programme in Drawing, Crafts or Textile Arts can take a customised Fine Art and Design in Education course. They are exempt from the entrance examination and only attend an intake procedure.

Portfolio and home assignment

Once you have registered through Studielink, you will be sent information about the date on which you are expected at the academy for an entrance exam. You will also receive the home assignments and a questionnaire in preparation for the exam. You also need to bring your portfolio to the entrance exam. Your portfolio can include drawings, paintings or three-dimensional objects, but can also include animations, photos or videos.

 Entrance exam

An entrance exam is necessary to convince both us and yourself that this course is the right one for you. We will examine your:

  • Creative ability: the ability to visually express yourself from different angles, such as perception, material, concept, context and/or yourself. You have an understanding of and a feel for colour, form and material. Your work radiates originality and uniqueness.
  • Communication skills: the ability to effectively communicate. You share your fascination and inspiration, honesty and curiosity.
  • Aptitude for critical reflection: the ability to act inquisitively and independently. You have an experimental attitude and an interest in art and culture

The entrance exam consists of the following parts:

  • You work for one day at the academy on practical projects.
  • You have a conversation with members of the Admissions Committee, which is made up of lecturers and DBKV students, during which you present your home assignments and portfolio. You tell them about your work, creative process and the ideas you have. We advise you to bring a wide range and substantial amount of work so that we can fully understand what you make. We will also ask you about your knowledge of art and design, as well as your motivation for teaching.

Admission dates

Wednesday 26 February 2020
Wednesday 25 March 2020
Wednesday 22 April 2020
Wednesday 13 May 2020
Wednesday 10 June 2020

Results and validity

You will hear whether or not you have been admitted immediately after the entrance exam. The examination board will check during the exam that the correct procedure has been followed and that all documents are in good order. You will receive a confirmation letter approximately three weeks later.

You only have to complete an entrance exam at one ArtEZ location. Have you been accepted? If you want, you can switch locations as your admission to the Fine Art and Design in Education course applies to both Zwolle and Arnhem.