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During our master's programme in Architecture, you will learn to make an architectural design in a systematic manner. You will not be handed a fixed design recipe, but instead you will learn to develop your own design 'algorithm'; your way of achieving a fully-fledged design.

Designing and building together form the core of the education. You will learn which parties and stakeholders play a role in the design process. You will be trained to adopt a point of view. This will give you the tools to perform your role as the author of the design and the director of the process.

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Design workshops

In the first year, there are four design exercises (materials, space, context, integrated) that together make up the Design Lab (16 ECTS). In the second and third years, there are long (15-week) and short (7-week) workshops with mixed groups of students. In each academic year, the study weighting of the design workshops is 16 ECTS.


The programme of lectures and exercises is designed around the academic year. In the first year of study, the emphasis is on basic skills (Drawing, Documenting, Publishing) and lectures (Urban Planning, Landscaping, History of Architecture, Cultural Considerations). In the second and third years, the lectures go into more depth, in part through the exercises, Building Analysis in the second year and Research Skills in the third year. On average, the study weighting per semester is 4 ECTS.


Part of the research programme consists of excursions, which are programmed for the spring, and the Plein January programme. Plein consists of workshops which are organised around a different theme each year. Each academic year concludes with a closing weekend. In recent years, cities such as Manchester, Lyon, Wolfsburg, Leipzig and Frankfurt were visited during these closing weekends. The average study weighting per year is 4 ECTS.

Graduation project

The fourth year is entirely devoted to the graduation project. There is a scope to design your own graduation project: you choose your own mentor and tailor the design methods and processes to the topic of your choice. The progress of your graduation project will be measured with interim presentations. This portion is worth 30 ECTS.

Professional practice

In addition to the study curriculum, your work in professional practice is also assessed. All relevant work attracts study credits. During the course, your development in professional practice will be tracked by means of practice portfolios and peer reviews. Each semester, a special group of lecturers will evaluate the portfolios. This is worth 30 ECTS per year.

Lecturers from professional practice

Our lecturers come from current professional practice. They work as architects, urban planners, historians, researchers, visual artists and landscape architects.