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Docent Dans Event 2019
Docent Dans Event 2019 Docent Dans Event 2019

ArtEZ Academy of Theatre & Dance

Docent Dans Event 2019

The ArtEZ Academy of Theatre and Dance combines the various preparatory courses and the five Bachelor's programs in the field of dance and theatre at ArtEZ in Arnhem and Zwolle.

ArtEZ Academy of Theatre & Dance

De academie in het kort

The programs within the academy are characterized by education aimed at the individual. The development and strengthening of one's artistic and cultural signature is reflected in all programs. Innovation, entrepreneurship and research are also themes that characterize the theater and dance courses.

ArtEZ Joint Business Foundation

Together with partners from business and the professional field, the ArtEZ Joint Business Foundation supports students in realising their own projects. This is a low-threshold fund from which students can request small sums in order to develop their own cultural initiatives outside of the curriculum and start learning entrepreneurship during their studies.

The fund is designed as a guarantee fund: students themselves make a plan in which they must also provide for income in order to cover their costs. Only if the income target is not reached will the fund pay the costs. For example, if you want to put on a production on location but the ticket sales are disappointing because of heavy rain, the fund can cover that risk.

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The course Musical Theatre is offered through the ArtEZ  Academy of Music