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When technology becomes art

Bram de Groot graduated in 2019 from Design Art Technology in Arnhem, formerly known as Interaction Design, a course where you design using electronics and technology.

Portrait Bram de Groot at Omroep Gelderland
Portrait Bram de Groot at Omroep Gelderland

Bram de Groot is a designer who works within a wide range of media. With a background in silversmithing and interaction design, he is well versed in both analogue and digital environments. The themes he explores are designing the long term and information as a precious material. Bram is also an Information Design lecturer and a Technical Skills instructor at ArtEZ.


“Technology becomes art when you show a certain function of that technology, but also add an element that stirs the public imagination.”. In this video, Bram tells about his graduation:

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