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#finalsfriday 2: Enjoying graduation work

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From music to fashion and theatre to visual arts. You will get to see the fresh stories, news and events of our graduates this week, in the second #finalsfriday.

Maya Kehren, Jazz & Pop Arnhem
Maya Kehren, Jazz & Pop Arnhem

Meet the class of 2023

Who are they, what inspires them, what do they make? The graduating students introduce themselves on their own finals student page.

Image: Dance Artist

Meet the new generation

Must-read stories

Music on the silver screen: Sophie composes multimedia

During her studies, she often felt insecure, doubting if she was good enough. However, with her finals performance, she is making a powerful statement. Sophie Rothbarth is ending her time at the Composition for Film & Theatre course with a focus on a controversial topic: genetically modifying mosquitoes. In her upcoming multimedia graduation performance, she will be using her own music to give space to several varying takes on the subject.

Visualising the voice in no man's land

When you listen to someone's voice without seeing them, do you form an image of them? Their gender, body characteristic, or even their mood and character? The answer is likely yes. A voice carries social connotations and gender norms within it. However, what if we start playing with these expectations? What remains? And how would the voice appear when visualized in its stripped-down form? That is precisely what Ermis Christodoulou, a master's student Performance Practices, explored in his finals research. Ermis shares how his scientific background, experiences as a transgender individual, and two years at the Home of Performance Practices have shaped his graduation project. 

Visit these events


School of Acting & Theatre in Education
Thursday 8 June 20:30 – 21:30 o'clock
Theater Ins Blau

GASLIGHT, GATEKEEP, GIRLBOSS: An inspired young journalist visits a mysterious, successful writer to interview him about his reputation as "the voice of his generation", his quick journey to the top of the literary world and oh yes, the slowly growing number of statements from young women accusing him of sexual harassment and abusing his position of power.

In the performance THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT A STORY ABOUT WITCHES, three young women give; Fabiënne Rutten, Joëlle Vaartjes and Minne Thomas, in a concertante performance, contribute to their feminist perspective on the Western European witch hunts that took place between the 15th and 18th centuries.

Final Popacademie - Bob Mali, drums

Monday 5 June 2023
Hall open: 20.30 uur, Start concert: 21:00 o'clock
ArtEZ Academy of Music, Van Essengaarde 10, Enschede Theaterzaal

During this final, Bob Mali shows what he has to offer as a drummer. In 45 minutes Bob shows a diverse repertoire with 4 bands, showing himself as a versatile drummer. During the show you will be surprised by visuals, a light show that is perfectly in sync with the music and 45 minutes of original work by 4 (!) bands. The concert is public and free of charge.

There is much more to visit!

Latest news

Fashion Design is back with a live graduation show and celebrating its 70th anniversary!

Today is a milestone for Fashion Design. After past years of graduation films, the programme is happy to host a live graduation show again. As icing on the cake, Fashion Design is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

Photo: GENERATION 65, by Luisa Haddad Zavadinack & David Mollema

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