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ArtEZ at Dutch Design Week 2022: things you don't want to miss

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This year, ArtEZ will again be present the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. From exhibitions to presentations, moth research to innovative interior architecture: at Dutch Design Week, our students, researchers and alumni will show how they contribute to a sustainable, circular future through design.  

Work by Mily Bogaarts (Product Design Arnhem alumnus), "Beyond the lid". She is showcasing her work at New Now @ DDW
Work by Mily Bogaarts (Product Design Arnhem alumnus), "Beyond the lid". She is showcasing her work at New Now @ DDW

Are you going to Dutch Design Week (DDW) and are you curious about where and when you can see work by ArtEZ students, researchers and alumni? Keep this page at hand during your visit to DDW: here you will find an overview (including location) of all our presentations and exhibitions. Use the hashtag #ArtEZDDW, so that people at home can also enjoy ArtEZ's work at Dutch Design Week. Also don't forget to mention us with @ArtEZUniversityofthearts: that way we can share the posts too! 

The Mini Galerie - Presented By 

Including AKI lecturer Louis Reith, and AKI and Fine Art and Design in Education alumnus Liesbeth Piena 

Mini Galerie is a (touring) gallery featuring contemporary art by emerging artists who break new ground by combining the idiom of the avant garde with social subcultures. Louis Reith, lecturer at AKI Crossmedia Design, and Liesbeth Piena, also an alumnus of both AKI Fine Art and Fine Art and Design in Education, will exhibit their work at 'The Mini Gallery - Presented By' during Dutch Design Week 

Where and when? 

Presented By takes place at KEVN (Kelderman and Van Noort), Galileistraat 2 in Eindhoven, from 22-30 October. The exhibition opens on Friday 21 October from 18.00-20.00. 

Go to website Mini Galerie

Design Research & Innovation Festival DRIVE 2022 

With Professortship Tactical Design 

The annual Design Research & Innovation Festival at Dutch Design Week gives a stage to state-of-the-art knowledge and inspiration from the design sector. So ArtEZ can't miss it! From the Tactical Design professorship, researchers present a very special project: Natural Cleaners. During DRIVE, ArtEZ researcher Michelle Baggerman, among others, will talk about her research into how moths can be used to improve the recycling of textiles.  

At the end of all the presentations, lecturer Jeroen van den Eijnden will lead a workshop with visitors and participants on how design can contribute to social innovation. In short: you really don't want to miss this! 

Where and when? 

The specific ArtEZ research and workshop by lector Jeroen van den Eijnden takes place at Monday 24 October, and can be visited online and physically. The physical presentations will be at the Effenaar, Dommelstraat 2 in Eindhoven, and will last from 10 to 14 o'clock. More information about the online presentations can be found via the link below. 

Go to website DDW  

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Work by Jessy-Lee Esselink, alumnus of the Bachelor's course Interior Architecture and one of the participants of 'Exploring the field of IN'

 Exploring the field of IN 

With alumni of the ArtEZ Interior Architecture Bachelor's and Master's course 

Every year, alumni of Interior Architecture ArtEZ present their research and projects during Dutch Design Week. The alumni show that they have explored their role as spatial designers by pushing the boundaries of the discipline. Come visit them during Exploring the field of IN, and experience for yourself what happens when we push the boundaries of interior architecture, and find ourselves in unexplored territory.  

Where and when?  

Designperron Fuutlaan 12 in Eindhoven. The exhibition can be visited daily (from 22 to 30 October) between 11 and 18. Also join us for drinks on 27 October, where you can meet the alumni, and network over a drink. 

 More information at the agenda of artez.nl, and the website of DDW.

Go to website DDW 

Collaboration for Impact 

With researchers of the Professorship Art Education as Critical Tactics

How to collaborate on societal challenges, and at the same time create value for the creative industries and improve competitiveness? In a large collection of ‘boundary objects’ crucial aspects of multi-stakeholder collaborations are highlighted. How do these aspects influence the impact of the solutions that were developed within the collaborations? What do the objects “tell” about the relation between design and impact? One of the objects you can admire is an artefact designed by Silvia Russell, artist and researcher at the Professorship Art Education as Critical Tactics. This artefact envisions and represents what learning by design should look like.

Where and when

Curious? Go check the exhibition out. You can find the exhibition "Collaboration for Impact' at the  Strijp-S area, Klokgebouw 50 , Map No. B1

Go to website DDW

New Now 

An initiative of Product Design alumni of ArtEZ  

What did our students and alumni Product Design do over the past three years? What products and concepts have they designed, and how do they reflect on the future of design? Find out during New Now, an exhibition where these 10 Product Design graduates present their work, designs and visions: Max Degen, Rosalie Apituley (who will also be presenting her project Uit de Meterkast at Isola Design Gallery, Gelderopseweg 63, map # X7), Marieke Cornielje, Finn Bekkering, Asuka Kondo, Adinda Rensen, Suzanne Bongers, Nadine Pijnacker, Mily Bogaarts, Emma Knaken and Gijs Schalkx. 

Where and when?  

From 22 to 30 October, so throughout DDW, daily from 11 to 18. You can visit the exhibition in the Section-C Area, Hall 12, Daalakkersweg 12 in Eindhoven. 

New Now is initiated by the alumni of Product Design. Don’t miss this one! More information can be found on the DDW website 

To the website of DDW 

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Work by Max Degen, 'Nat Land'. Max showcases this work at New Now 

Stimuleringsfonds presents Talent 

Wit Graphic Design Arnhem alumnus Benjamin McMillan 

Every year up-and-coming design talents are given the opportunity to develop optimally both artistically and professionally thanks to a grant from the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve IndustrieYou guessed it: one of those emerging design talents who received this grant is Benjamin McMillan, alumnus Graphic Design Arnhem. During DDW, he will present a tool that allows automated design of typefaces. Benjamin will also give a workshop, during which you will have the chance to work with this tool yourself.  

Where and when?  

Benjamin McMillan's workshop will take place on 25 October, between 3 and 4 at the Strijp-S Area, MU Hybdrid House, Torenallee 40-06 (found on the DDW map at number B11) 

Go to website DDW  

Also take a loot at the video we made of Benjamin's finals work

ArtEZ-finals 2020: Benjamin McMillan