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APRIA Journal Issue #3: Urgent Publishing

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Presenting the new issue of APRIA Journal, Urgent Publishing, edited by Miriam Rasch and Nishant Shah, with contributions by Florian Cramer, Labor Neunzehn, Miriam Rasch and Paul Soulellis.

APRIA Journal Issue #3: Urgent Publishing
APRIA Journal Issue #3: Urgent Publishing

Urgent Publishing delves into the question of how publishers can keep up standards of quality and care for their audiences in a sphere that is increasingly dominated by breaking news, hype cycles and metrics. How can a different approach to the timeframes or tempo of publishing help in building relevant publics for content? Beyond the commodified practices of publishing one-off objects, how can publishing be a tool for critical community building?

The full issue is available online and as a downloadable pdf on the APRIA website.


APRIA (ArtEZ Platform for Research Interventions of the Arts) is a digital platform that curates an open-access, peer-reviewed journal (APRIA journal) and showcases the latest in art research at ArtEZ.

APRIA platform also publishes high-impact essays and image and sound contributions that examine art and interventions of the arts in relation to science and society. An annual Open Call encourages students, artists, and researchers affiliated with ArtEZ to submit their own contributions.

APRIA is an initiative of ArtEZ University of the Arts, ArtEZ Press and ArtEZ Studium Generale.