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ArtEZ Academy of Music

With over 800 students and 250 lecturers, the ArtEZ Academy of Music is one of the largest conservatories in the Netherlands.

ArtEZ Academy of Music

Study at ArtEZ

The ArtEZ Academy of Music is spread out over three locations, which is what makes it cosy and small-scale. There is plenty of personal attention and communication lines are short. Each location has an entirely unique atmosphere, one that’s often reflected in the music! At the same time, you will fully benefit from the facilities and opportunities of a large conservatory. These include the significant number of master classes from national and international guest lecturers, and playing in a band or orchestra in collaboration with students from other locations.

Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle

  • The Academy of Music in Arnhem

    The Academy of Music in Arnhem focuses on quirky performers, who are willing to stretch the limits of their own musical artistry. The Academy of Music is part of an art campus for a reason! Key words are: edgy, authentic, experimental and multidisciplinary.



    Jazz & Pop: For those who want to become a musician and doesn't shrink from an experiment.

    Music Theatre: If you want to combine music, dance and theatre to your own performances.

    Composition for Film and Theater: To compose music with image (film, theatre, etc.)

    You can also entirely complete this course online


  • The Academy of Music in Enschede

    The Academy of Music in Enschede educates adventurous professionals, standing in the middle of life and who are inquisitive to look over borders. Keywords that are here in force, are innovation, authenticity, personal attention, musicianship and entrepreneurship.


    Music in Education: Becoming a musician ánd a teacher? Discover the Music in Education course in Enschede.
    MediaMusic: If you want to be educated as a music producer, film/game composer or electronic artist.
    Academy of Pop Music: If you are interested in a job as a musician and/or a cultural entrepreneur in the music industry.
    Music Therapy: Upon successful completion of this course you can work as a music therapist, as a coach in the business world or start your own practice.


  • The Academy of Music in Zwolle

    Engagement, (inter)disciplinary cooperation and the development of individual talent and personality characterize the courses Classical Music, Education in Music and Jazz & Pop of the Academy of Music in Zwolle. Here young professionals are trained, who are versatile and practical.


    Jazz & Pop: Eager on making music your profession?
    Music in Education: Making music, creating, collaborating and teaching music go hand in hand in this course.
    Classical Music: Education with a high craft and artistic level, focused on a professional practice.


    Celebrating the Bands 2019
    Celebrating the Bands 

Music & Health

High demands are placed on musicians on a physical and mental level. That is why we at ArtEZ pay the necessary attention to healthy music making. We mainly do this during project days and weeks. You follow a series of lessons about healthy voice use and you learn to recognize and prevent work-related complaints.