Financial guarantee Non-EU

If you are in need of a residence permit as Non-EU student, you must transfer a financial guarantee.

The financial guarantee consists of:

  • the income requirement set up by the Dutch Immigration Services (IND). This is proof that you can support yourself financially in the Netherlands. We will refund this amount as soon as you have a Dutch bank account.
  • the visa fees
  • the insurance fees
  • the tuition fees for non-EU students 

I want to do a 
Bachelor or an Ad course

I want to do a
Master course

income requirement (2019-2020)* 10,590 10,590
visa fees (2019-2020)* 171 171
insurance fees (2020-2021) 472 472
tuition fees non-EU students (2020-2021) 9,700 10,700
total financial guarantee 20,933 21,933

* the IND recalculates this amount every January

You’ll find more information and the bank details for transferring the financial guarantee in this brochure for the academic year 2020-2021.