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Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

Each month the Future Justice programme publishes stories from students and alumni, presenting their visions of the future. Each participant offers a glimpse of a possible future, from their own perspective and artistic practice.

Richard L. Kramar
Richard L. Kramar

[ ] is the title of the fifth essay in our Future Justice series. Richard L. Kramar invites you to follow him inside. He gently uncovers the contours of a forthcoming body. It is an invitation to seek pleasure. Like a dance. A flirt. A laugh. A fanciful call for light-heartedness against all odds. Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

Richard L. Kramar is an elusive director, dramaturg, poet, and performer constantly attempting to escape the singularity of authorship in the irreverent heart of Mitteleuropa. He has a soft spot for the girls the goths and the gays and struggles endlessly with a sense of naiveté that is both unequivocally present and utterly lost. He is enamoured with language and is freshly in the business of not insisting to be protected from what he wants. His goals in life are being frivolous, promiscuous, and irrelevant with a whole lot of love. Pisces, puppeteer, death enthusiast. Switch, witch, bitch.

Future Justice is a programme that has been developed on behalf of ArtEZ Studium Generale and is run by the Aesthetics & Cultures of Technology professorship in cooperation with the Honours Lab.