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The Parki Party: music therapy for Parkinson's disease

The theatre performance Parki Party was not only a party for the audience in the theatre, but also for the makers on the stage. Those creators were group of people with parkinson's disease who embarked on this adventure together with Christian Maliy, bachelor student Music Therapy. How does a person with Parkinson's benefit from music, dance and theatre? And what is it like for a student to work with people for whom making music is not self-evident?


The Parki Party: music therapy for Parkinson's disease

 "Treating a person as an equal. Not putting yourself on a pedestal above the client, but acknowledging a dignified existence." According to Christian, this was key to this special collaboration. Rehearsing and performing Parki Party together was, as the name suggests, one big party. A party in which everyone could be themselves, boundaries were pushed and talents were (re)discovered.

 Parki Party was performed in Enschede's Concordia theatre in late August and early September 2021.

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