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AeCT – Professorship for Art education as Critical Tactics

The Professorship for Art education as Critical Tactics (AeCT) at ArtEZ University of the Arts, is invested in creating new futures of learning by producing research-driven critical tactics to shape the responsibility, infrastructure and practice of art and art education in the time of uncertain futures.

The series Studies in Art Based Learning by Jeroen Lutters published by ArtEZ Press
The series Studies in Art Based Learning by Jeroen Lutters published by ArtEZ Press



This vision is informed by 3 critical provocations to the future of art education in the context of changing forms, formats and functions of learning.

  • It proposes a radical re-thinking of the matrices of learning and education, moving from competences and assessments, to impact and relevance, for a next generation of (leading) learners. Taking creativity as a point of departure and questioning of the empiricism driven dehumanized structures of education measurement, it produces a critical manifest of the ethical and critical responsibility towards imagining resilient futures
  • It questions the institutional locations of learning, often founded in traditional formal settings, in order to extend the relevance and remit of art education. It is committed to creating new (non)institutional structures that make strategic/tactical interventions possible to construct infrastructure, processes, and practices that support the idea of art practitioners and educators as agents of change for equitable societies.
  • It formulates future (art) educational narratives/scenario’s, by extending the vocabulary of artistic and design practices in interaction with multiple stakeholders in different disciplines, sectors, geographies and contexts to create a living lexicon of what art can mean, do, and think in our everyday life. Identifying the contemporary moment as precarious, transitional, and contingent, it opens up a series of collaborative hubs, studio’s and lab’s, with collaborative stakeholders to develop direct intervention tactics informed by critical diversity.


  • While creativity has often surfaced as a fundamental force in human endeavor, it has been presented as either a mystified process of individual genius or a mythicized force that can be broken into practical competences and components. Philosophical and aesthetic discourse on creativity has been more interested in delineating its shape and contours, and its capacity for divining truths. In the cultural industries discourse, creativity is given a teleological charge of achieving desired goals in precarious contexts. By investigating the concept of creativity we want to deepen the intellectual dialogue on creativity, by understanding and analyzing it, in its full range. Formulating the theory of creativity, based on the theories of Deleuze, Bollas and Spivak the AeCT professorship wants to present creativity in everyday life as a tactical force that helps explore the innate, implicit, affective, and speculative possibilities of our times. It proposes creativity as a strategic essentialism (Spivak),  by using practical tactics that often emerge out of challenging the exercises of power to create new and equitable forms of life. E.g : The Creative Theory of (Just-About) Everything with Valiz Publishers

  • The AeCT proposes that the strength of artistic research is in creating new futurisms by challenging the existing institutional structures for future resilience. Instead of wedding itself to the probability-driven logical thinking of historicization, art education offers possibility-based, non-conformist, alternative and fictive explorations of that which has not yet been. Through place-making, space-making, and life-making, the AeCT professorship proposes radical experiments for the future educational landscapes with multiple partners. Inspired by artist like Ai Wei Wei and Olafur Eliasson, AeCT  constructs creative labs on a local-regional-global scale to enable hybrid local experiments that can incubate new ideas that can inform governance, politics, and socio-cultural conditions of building smart and human habitats and habits. E.g. : Designing (No) Schools in the Age of Creativity. s,m,l, xl with Valiz Publishers.

  • In order to find a conceptual, pedagogic, and critical space in education and learning, it is important to map art-related educational experiments that can extend the learning to other spaces. The professorship initiates a comprehensive mapping of art-based educational experiments, produces mixed methods to measure results, develops frameworks for analyzing this data through rigorous standards and contextual knowledge, and finding tactics to introduce these results into undergraduate and graduate learning. The professorship recognizes that the idea of creativity can only be sustained if we build creative frameworks and matrices that move the contemporary focus from STEM to STEAM (including the arts) based education, and to acknowledge, reward and support it in our learning and living. E.g. : Mastering and Meassuring Creativity (SIA Seedcapital 2018) in cooperation with Teacher College.

  • The accelerated nature of rupture and transition that marks the current informationally networked society radically challenges the historically formed concepts of schools and disciplines. Drawing both from the new models of tactical learning from new geographies and contexts, and from the increasing demand for education to take agile, flexible, student-driven, and individual led trajectories, the AeCT professorship proposes to curate a new educational turn with Art Education as the home to house it. It seeks to work with artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and governors to mark the different educational turns of the present and future to produce new mode of knowledge circulation, consolidation, and creation. E.g.: Enschede Educational Biennale 2019 in cooperation with No School.


Professor AECT

Dr. Jeroen Lutters is a Professor of the Professorship Art education as Critical Tactics (AeCT) at ArtEZ. He is also an honorary professor in didactics and content of the art courses at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, visiting professor at No School (Cibap + St Lucas), visiting researcher at the UvA, visiting fellow at UCHRI (California, USA) and guest curator at Museum Jan Cunen. Jeroen Lutters obtained his PhD on Art Based Learning (ABL) as a method under art and culture analyst Mieke Bal.
He took part in the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis (ASCA).

Read all about Jeroen Lutters and his team here

Collaboration partners

The AeCT research group works closely together with an extensive knowledge circle. 

The professorship also comprises a large network of freelance researchers and designers active in various segments and works closely with the Fine Art and Design, Dance, Theatre and Music in Education programmes at ArtEZ University of the Arts. The professorship also works with external local, regional, national partners, as well as international partners specialised in the area of arts and cultural education. A great new step of the research group is that Jeroen Lutters, John Johnston and researcher Fabiola Camuti have initiated an AeCT network group within the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis - ASCA (UvA) within which two of our researchers are working on their PhD: Olga Potters with supervisor Prof. dr. Joke Voogt and Joanne Dijkman with supervisor Prof. dr. Dr. René Boomkens.



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Publications and projects

AeCT - Professorship Art education as Critical Tactics is involved in various projects and publications.

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