Classical Music


Specific admission criteria for Violin

In addition to the general admission criteria, there are also specific instrumental requirements. During the audition, you will perform at least one étude and a recital piece, unless indicated otherwise. The pieces mentioned are merely examples. You can also opt for other works of a similar level.

Your performing skills will be tested on the basis of:

  • Technique:  
    Scales with accompanying triads and tetrads over three octaves; 
    Double stopping in thirds, sixths and octaves over two scales;
  • Two études by, for instance, Kreutzer (from no. 14 onwards), Fiorillo (such as nos. 13, 22 & 28) Rode and Dont (Opus 35);
  • Pieces: Apart from Bach and Telemann (see below), try to put together a programme of works from different stylistic periods (classical, romantic or contemporary). A part of this programme should comprise solo works by J.S. Bach or Telemann (the Fantasias). Sonatas should also be included by, for instance, Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Schubert and Grieg. You will also play a concerto such as Spohr ‘s nos. 2 and 8, Wieniawsky’s no. 2, or works by Mozart, Haydn and Mendelssohn. In addition, you should perform a recital piece by Tsaikofsky, Wieniawsky, Sarasate, Vieuxtemps or Kreisler.

Concert ArtEZ Strings Ensemble, conducted by Sarah Kapustin, 11 December 2014 in the Mennonite Church in Zwolle; Summer by Antonio Vivaldi: soloist Jet van Oosterhout; Summer Ástor Piazzolla: soloist Godelieve Voorhoeve

Admission criteria for violin, Master of Music

  • one study from Paganini or Wieniawsky op.18 or op.10 or from Gaviniés Matinees or from Don’t op.35
  • one movement from one of the Mozart violin-concerts G, D or A major or a movement from a sonata by Beethoven or Mozart
  • one movement from a romantic violin concerto
  • a  performance piece from the romantic period or the twentieth century
  • two movements from the partitas and sonatas for solo-violin of Bach.

Major lecturers

Annechien van BlomAnnechien van Blom

Annechien van Blom

Aimée  BroedersAimée  Broeders

Aimée Broeders


Sarah  KapustinSarah  Kapustin

Sarah Kapustin


Maria-Paula  MajoorMaria-Paula  Majoor

Maria-Paula Majoor


Adriaan  StoetAdriaan  Stoet

Adriaan Stoet