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Students with ‘Horn’ as their main subject will be taught by two main subject lecturers: Stefan Blonk and René Pagen. Both lecturers have their own specialisation: René Pagen is an experienced orchestra musician and solo horn player in the Residence Orchestra and regularly plays in renowned national and international orchestras. In addition, he regularly performs solo or plays in music ensembles. Stefan Blonk has many years of experience as a solo horn player in the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra, and has also played in the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century. In 2013 he made the decision to focus entirely on the natural horn and he now plays as a freelancer in the best classical music orchestras.

In addition to classes on valve horns, playing on a natural horn is also a standard part of the curriculum. This teaches you a new way of playing and listening and also ensures that you are more professionally versatile upon graduation.

Specific admission criteria for Horn

In addition to the general admission criteria, there are also specific instrumental requirements. During the audition, you will perform at least one étude and a recital piece, unless indicated otherwise. The pieces mentioned are merely examples. You can also opt for other works of a similar level.

Your performing skills will be tested on the basis of:

  • Major and minor scales along with the accompanying arpeggiated triads;
  • Two études in which the range runs at least to concert C (or G for the F horn). For example: Kopprasch’ 50 Étuden für Waldhorn (nos. 20, 26, 36 & 40) or Franz’ Waldhornschule (nos. 18 & 21);
  • A recital of, for instance, Mozart’s Horn Concerto (nos. 1 or 3) or Cherubini’s Sonata No. 1 for Horn and String Orchestra.

 Major lecturers

Stefan  BlonkStefan  Blonk

Stefan Blonk


René  PagenRené  Pagen

René Pagen