Classical Music


Specific admission criteria for Flute

In addition to the general admission criteria, there are also specific instrumental requirements. During the audition, you will perform at least one étude and a recital piece, unless indicated otherwise. The pieces mentioned are merely examples. You can also opt for other works of a similar level.

Your performing skills will be tested on the basis of:

  • Technique: Major and minor scales (with up to seven sharps and flats) along with the accompanying triads, to be played both staccato and legato;
  • At least two études of different characters (such as legato, staccato or a rhythmic étude) to be chosen from: T. Böhm’s 24 Caprices, Opus 26, H. Genzmer’s Neuzeitliche Etüden and S. Karg Elert ‘s Etudes, Opus 107 (nos. 1 to 10);
  • Recital pieces, where you demonstrate that you can perform works from at least three different stylistic periods: J.S. Bach’s Sonatas, parts of W.A. Mozart’s flute concertos in either G major or D major, A. Roussel’s Joueurs de flûte, Opus 27 and L. Andriessen’s Sonate 1956.

 Major lecturers

Gudrun  BourelGudrun  Bourel

Gudrun Bourel


Carola  LigtCarola  Ligt

Carola Ligt


Joao  Ramos MartaJoao  Ramos Marta

Joao Ramos Marta