Classical Music

Choral conducting

Conducting trains you to be a professional conductor for the amateur sector. You can choose from two main subjects: choral conducting and brass band conducting. You will learn to orchestrate and arrange, and will acquire a knowledge of the theory of music, a mastery of playing from scores along withchoral and orchestral training skills.

Specific admission criteria for Choral conducting

In addition to the general admission criteria, there are also specific requirements. 

  • Working for 15 minutes with a chamber choir made up of Academy of Music students, you will rehearse a choral work that is unknown to the choir. In consultation with the committee, this work will be chosen at least one week in advance of the exam.
  • You will read or recite two short texts (preferably poetic) in two different languages. You may choose both the texts and languages yourself.
  • You will play a choral part or a simple, choral arrangement on the piano.
  • You will sing a choral part while simultaneously beating time.
  • While sight-reading, you will sing a choral part from a score to be presented during the exam.
  • You will sight read rhythms from a score to be presented during the exam.
  • You must demonstrate that you possess a sufficiently developed ear. You will recognise and name intervals and chords.
  • We recommend that you perform a recital piece on an instrument of your choice. Alternatively you can sing a song. If need be, you can bring your own accompanist.

 Major lecturer

Klaas  StokKlaas  Stok

Klaas Stok