Classical Music

Brass band conducting

Conducting trains you to be a professional conductor for the amateur sector. You can choose from two main subjects: choral conducting and brass band conducting. You will learn to orchestrate and arrange, and will acquire a knowledge of the theory of music, a mastery of playing from scores along with choral and orchestral training skills.

Specific admission criteria for Brass band conducting

In addition to the general admission criteria, there are also specific instrumental requirements. 

  • You must demonstrate that you possess clear inner hearing.
  • You must have a sophisticated sense of metre, and be able to express this through gesture (time, beating time and fermati, etc.).
  • From a score, you will perform a fragment on the piano for a brass band, both prepared and unprepared.
  • You must have some knowledge of the range of instruments and the composition of wind orchestras.
  • Following a brief preparation, you must rehearse a short fragment with an instrumental ensemble.

 Major lecturers

Fried  DobbelsteinFried  Dobbelstein

Fried Dobbelstein

Alex  SchillingsAlex  Schillings

Alex Schillings