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Specific admission criteria for Drums

In addition to the general admission criteria, there are also specific admission criteria for each instrument. You will prepare five pieces which differ somewhat in character and pace. During the audition, you will perform three of the five prepared pieces. You may be accompanied by your own band or that of the Academy of Music.

Important aspects that may be included in the audition and will also be taken into account during the evaluation phase:

  • Playing the themes of simple standards and providing them with accompaniment along with solos that maintain a solid tempo, a functional approach and a sense of form and style;
  • Achieving a sound and a sound balance that suit the style;
  • Using the right timing for both jazz and rock;
  • The entrance audition can also include a prepared snare drum étude along with a prima vista section consisting of a side drum étude, a co-ordination reading exercise (such as rudiments divided across all the percussion components) and a reading and improvisation exercise.

Major lecturers

Erik  AlbersErik  Albers

Erik Albers


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Peter Berk


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Joost van Schaik