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Makers in Verandering (Makers for Change)

Art education
Professorship for Art education as Critical Tactics
  • Partner(s): Sepideh Yousefzadeh (RUG, Campus Fryslan), Barend van Heusden (RUG), Marlies ter Beek (Windesheim/Teachers College)
  • Financier(s): Regieorgaan SIA HBO postdoc
  • Started in: March 2022

In times of uncertainty, social unrest and distrust of knowledge institutions, the role of the educator, maker, researcher and change agent becomes increasingly important. What does an "artist educator" need to take on the role as change agent? The postdoctoral project 'Makers in Verandering' (Makers for Change) researches and develops interdisciplinary working methods for artist eudcators and art educators.

Beeld door Veronique Steenmetser
Beeld door Veronique Steenmetser

Education provides the critical space in which change can be given form and meaning, on the way to a resilient society. First, this requires from the artist educator in training a critical, inquisitive attitude, with insight into how knowledge is created and can be tested. Second, it requires vision, a social commitment and a strategy or tactic to be able to bring about change and awareness. Third, the artist educator is a maker, someone who uses the creative process, the imagination, to make social issues visible or experienceable. These three come together in attitude and working method.

The output of the 'Makers in verandering' project will be a theoretical elaboration and a practical research-based basis for interdisciplinary work based on the connection of the afore mentioned four roles. The resulting tool will help students and teachers to position themselves. Insight into the distinction between disciplines and domains, enables meaningful connection.

Involved from ArtEZ in this postdoc project are: Jeroen Lutters, Emiel Copini, Sophia Jonker, Arjen Hosper, John Johnston, Frank Haverkort, Elsbeth Veldpape.