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Minor Create Space

Minor Create Space

Minor Create Space
  • Minor
  • English
  • Nijmegen

The Create Space Minor is an educational platform for a new and creative science. The minor invites curious and creative bachelor and master students from ArtEZ & Radboud University who aim to look beyond their traditional disciplines and engage with society.

Minor Create Space

In brief

Create Space offers you the space and opportunity to research, prototype and share your vision on possible futures. This will be driven by your own fundamental questions related to the societal, environmental or scientific challenges of our generation. Create Space has a biographical approach to research, which means that Create Space offers you a deeply personal learning experience. You will also learn to collaborate and you will be challenged to develop a new creative language.

Where and when?
February 2020 – June 2020
Create Space Studio Nijmegen

To apply for the Create Space minor, please send us an email at createspaceminor@gmail.com.
Mention your name, study and university, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Create Space is a Minor from ArtEZ & Radboud University


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