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Photography: Erik Franssen

Classical Music

Photography: Erik Franssen
  • Master's
  • 2 years, full-time
  • English
  • Zwolle

Develop your own artistic signature as a professional classical performer and curator with the two-year English-language Master Classical Music in Zwolle. Being a successful musician nowadays means more than having talent and knowing your instrument: the field is constantly evolving, and old stories require new deliverance. 

Classical Music

In brief

  • Discover how to communicate with and relate to many different – and new – audiences: learn to pioneer, to inspire and to touch
  • Learn to create and broaden your own working environment
  • Performance Lab: a unique environment focused on creativity and performance with inspiring renowned artists as guest teachers
  • Teachers and tutors with hands-on experience and state of the art know-how
  • Exploring new approaches to music, expanding the field with renewed relevance
  • No traditional subjects, but practice-oriented and pragmatic education
  • Practice-led and artistic research as a tool to shape your practice and profession
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative community of creative, proactive and flexible musicians
  • Close collaboration and joint projects with the master’s students Jazz & Pop

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(Per)forming identity

As an ArtEZ master's student Classical Music you develop into a highly skilled, proactive and flexible musician. The two-year course is built on curating and (per)forming identity: it provides you with the know-how and tools to showcase yourself in a rapidly changing work field and society. At the ArtEZ Conservatory, we challenge you to immerse in current developments and to construct new narratives. To collaborate within and outside your own discipline and to expand your network, looking beyond the boundaries of the familiar. Are you ready to experiment, to innovate and to further enhance your artistic practice?

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