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Sophiabuilding Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Sophiabuilding Interior Designer
  • Associate Degree
  • 2 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

Interior Designer is an Associate Degree programme in Zwolle that trains you as an interior designer in two years. Specially for mbo students.

Interior Designer

Why should you choose the Interior Designer course?

Discover your identity as a designer

By creating, researching and experimenting, you will develop your identity and individuality as a designer.

Well-equipped facilities

Deepen and develop your skills as a designer through use of the many workshops and studios available.

Two years and a diploma

After two years of study, you will become a practically minded interior designer with a degree in hand.

Further study

Don’t feel done yet? After this course and an admission process, you can continue in year 3 of the Bachelor Interior Architecture.

Atmospheric focus

Learn how to use material, light and proportion to create a unique atmosphere in a space.

Getting a head start

Prepare yourself professionally with interdisciplinary projects and assignments directly from the field.

After graduation

After graduation, you can begin work as a designer for a company or organisation, or as a freelance designer. Do you want to continue your studies? After Interior Designer you can start in the bachelor Interior Architecture.