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Intervention workshop met John Lonsdale

Interior Architecture

Intervention workshop met John Lonsdale
  • Pre-master's
  • 12 weeks, part-time
  • English
  • Zwolle

The pre-master's course in Interior Architecture is a 12-week programme that offers a deeper understanding of the interconnection between the body and space. Whether you are a professional in the field of art and design seeking to further develop your practice, or a bachelor's student preparing to apply for the master's course Interior Architecture (Corpo-real), this course will help you take the next step in your journey as a research-driven spatial designer.

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Interior Architecture

Why choose the pre-master's Interior Architecure?


Emphasis on research into the relationship between body, mind and space.

Autonomous spatial design

The pre-master's course will enable you to approach spatial design from an autonomous perspective.

Preparation for the master's course Interior Architecture

f you are interested in the master's course in Interior Architecture (Corpo-real), completing this pre-master's course can enhance and strengthen your portfolio, improving your eligibility for application to the master's course

Further develop your professional practice

If you are a professional in (spatial) design, this pre-master's course will aid you in transitioning your professional practice into one driven by research.

Work in and with multiple disciplines

Given that this pre-master's course is open to and engages with various disciplines, you will experience an interdisciplinary environment.

Part-time course

This pre-master's course consists of twelve classes, scheduled for one day a week on Friday, enabling you to manage your studies alongside commitments such as your current job.

Immerse yourself in the world of spatial research and design

The programme for the pre-master's course Interior Architecture (Corpo-real) is both for professionals who seek to develop their practice and bachelor's students who want to prepare for the master’s course in Interior Architecture (Corpo-real). Within the Corpo-real theme you will discover how you can work from research towards design projects. For 12 weeks you will immerse yourself in the world of spatial research and design.

Throughout the pre-master's course, the tutors will guide you in reimagining our environment: how we observe, feel, and think about our surroundings. You'll explore these aspects through diverse exercises and develop your research centered on your chosen theme. This exploration can take various forms, such as crafting models, sketching, drawing, studying theory, or experimenting on a 1:1 scale.

Cansu Sezer | Finals project

Cansu Sezer | Finals project

pre-master's Interior Architecture on camera