Interior Architecture

This pre-master Corpo-real is not only for bachelor students who want to be thoroughly prepared for the master Interior Architecture. Professionals in the field of art and design can also register for the pre-master if they want to explore the theme of corpo-real: the ever-changing relationship between human and space. You learn more about spatial research in relation to the healing environment.

This is the Corpo-real pre-master Interior Architecture at ArtEZ:

  • In twelve weeks, developing your vision on the relationship between human beings and space.
  • Emphasis on research into the relationship between body, mind and space.
  • Spatial design for 'healing environments’.
  • Collaborate with 10 to 15 inspiring colleagues.
  • Classes on Friday.

 After finishing this pre-master's programme, you have the possibility to have an admission session for the Interior Architecture master's degree programme

Annika Beuving Finals 2017
Sam Eerdman
Aaltsje Venema, Finals 2016