Curatorial Practices in Music

Curatorial leadership and management

Part II of the Curatorial Practices in Music course focuses on the strategies, working methods and tools you need to make your wildest ideas come true.

What do you need to be able to assess the feasibility of a project? How do you convince potential stakeholders of the value... no, the necessity of your project? How do you find good partners, and how do you find an audience? How can you present your plans in a balanced budget proposal that attracts and convinces potential funders?

This intensive course works like a pressure cooker. Every week you will be increasing your knowledge and opportunities by listening to and learning from the stories and practical experience of people who know the ropes. In the meantime, you will work on your own project plan, specifying all the significant parts of your idea. By doing so, you learn how to boost your plan step by step in the face of obstinate reality. The result is reflected in a final project plan.

There are 13 sessions and there is an optional session on author’s rights.

Most sessions have a fixed structure:

The first part (16:00 – 18:00) is reserved for guest lecturers, who will present their own practices and exchange ideas with the students.
The second part (18:45 – 20.45) is devoted to weekly project presentations. Students present their plans to the attending speaker and to the group, which functions as a learning community. In addition, there will be room for discussion and applying strategic tools to your own practice

The first course, which will start again in October 2020, will focus on defining your vision as a music curator. This course can also be taken as a separate module. 

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