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As the ArtEZ dance course, we have an extensive international network with which we are in constant contact. We also introduce you to this network, which also helps us keep our education up to date and relevant.  
Many of the teachers not only give lessons but are also active dancers or makers. We also work with guest teachers, including guest choreographers who create work specially for our course.  

We proudly present our international team of teachers and staff: 

Guest teachers, choreographers and guides participating in the Circle of Guides: 

Amos Ben Tal, Ana Ladas, Andrea Bozic, Ann van den Broek, Annelies Oosterloo, Bára Sigfúsdóttir, Birgit Gunzl, Bruno Listopad, Caroline Finn, Cecilia Moisio, Dario Tortorelli, Diane Elshout, Edan Gorlicki, Eilit Marom, Emilie Gallier, Estefania Miranda, Ezequiel Sanucci, George Reischl, Hendrik Aerts, Idan Sharabi, Jack Gallagher, Jasper van Luijk, Julio Iglesias, Keren Levi, Keren Rosenberg, Konstantina Georgelou, Liat Magnezy, Louis Rombeaud, Malgven Gerbes, Marta Reig Torres, Maurice Causey, Michael Getman, Monique van Hinte, Mor Shani, Nicole Beutler, Piet Rogie, Reut Shemesh, Ron Amit, Roser Lopez Espinoza, Shai Faran, Thomas Kortvelyessy & Ty Boomershine 

Major subject teachers:

  • Noortje Bijvoets (Head of Department)

  •  Giséla Binkhorst (management assistant)

  •  Eva Tremel: first year mentor Kinaesthetic Awareness

  • Sara Wiktorowicz: second year mentor, Contact improvisation, Physical Theatre

  • Sjoerd Vreugdenhil: third year mentor, Classical

  • Reut Aviran: fourth year mentor, Work Field Orientation third year, Partnering, Contemporary

  •  Marta Nejm: Classical, Floor Management 

  • Aryeh Weiner: Classical, Limon, rehearsal director 

  • Philip Taylor: Graham, Graham Today, Classical for Men Class, Artistic advisor 

  •  Jochem Naafs: theory (Dance Dramaturgy, Coaching Artistic Research) 

  • Hanneke Koolen: theory (Reading/Writing & Artistic Research) 

  • Ruth Collier: Work Field Orientation first and second year 

  • Silvia Borzelli: Musical Insights 

  • Tony Vezich: Contemporary 
  • Ime Essien: Contemporary and her modules of Inner Movement Evolution© work, Process Inquiry© 
  • Cristina Leitão: Contemporary 
  • Eva Karczag: Kinaesthetic Awareness 
  • Hillary Blake Firestone: Improvisation/composition, Preparation & guidance Solo, supervision Choco & Bingo project 
  • Angus Balbernie: Coordinator Choco week (combination choreography & composition) 
  • João Da Silva: Improvisation (third year) 
  • Irma Nijenhuis: Basic Theatre
  • Inge van Amerongen: Coordinator Health & Health Tests, Anatomical Awareness 
  • Luciola Dumont: Transition Trainer 
  • Judith Upmeijer: Mental Training DM1 
  • Ivo Spanjersberg: Mental Training DM2 
  • Karin Lambrechtse: Nutrition 
  • Astrid Erens: Pilates 
  • Patricia van Deutekom: Dance Condition 
  • Margot Drummen: Conditioning
Georg Reischl - Figure of Two
Georg Reischl - Figure of Two