Preparatory Course and Young Talent Class

Practical information

Practical information


The entrance examination for the preparatory programme consists of a practical audition and a music theory exam. The programme for the instrument or vocal audition must meet the programme criteria listed in the relevant Bachelor’s course:

Please note! All preparatory programmes prepare you for the entrance level required by the ArtEZ Academy of Music. However, passing the tests within the preparatory programme does not automatically qualify you for admission to the Bachelor’s course. The entrance examination for the Bachelor’s course is the deciding factor in all cases.


Academic year 2019-2020:

30 lessons in your major and theory € 1.475
extra 15 minutes in your major € 115

Start date



Apply online through ArtEZ Osiris.

The ArtEZ programme terms and conditions are applicable to contract education (courses) and preparatory programmes offered by ArtEZ.