Jazz & Pop


"The great musical diversity of Jazz & Pop is a mirror of contemporary music. This diversity makes for a vibrant and dynamic programme that is unique with its many possibilities, but also provides a broad, solid foundation for a sustainable career in music.

Tilmar Junius
Head of the Jazz & Pop dept. Zwolle


During the Jazz & Pop course in Zwolle, you will develop into a flexible, creative and versatile musician in the Dutch and international music world.

Jazz & Pop Zwolle is a lively, practice-oriented programme where customisation has high priority. Great musical diversity is the main characteristic of the course. During the Bachelor’s course, emphasis is put on the development of a broad, solid foundation and your own artistic identity.

Jazz & Pop unique due to its breadth

The Jazz & Pop educational programme is unique in its breadth and diversity. The basis of this programme consists of courses aimed at expanding students’ musical horizons and developing their musical and instrumental/vocal virtuosity. In this, Jazz & Pop are equivalent to each other and both are addressed extensively in all their diversity. In addition, links to and encounters with other musical styles and traditions are regularly explored, such as classical music and non-Western music. Zwolle is also the location of the Classical Music department and a large Music in Education department as well. There will be regular cooperative projects with these departments during the course.

An example of cooperation between the departments of Jazz & Pop and Classical Music is the theatre production Simply Sondheim. In a time of interdisciplinary collaborations and cross-overs the choice for the music of Stephen Sondheim is an obvious, because in this both worlds come together. Below is a report from the beautiful presentation.

Most graduates of Jazz & Pop are active in multiple areas in the music industry and that is reflected in the broad nature of the curriculum. There are also many students who opt to use this broad foundation in developing their music.

Excellent team of lecturers

Jazz & Pop Zwolle has a very stable and committed team of lecturers. The lecturers are all prominent musicians and cover a wide stylistic range. They ensure that students develop a high level of craftsmanship and artistry. They are always ready and willing to assist with a wide variety of questions pertaining to various styles. Also, there are regular prominent international guest teachers.


The city of Zwolle has a lively music scene and the Academy of Music has close links to the venues in the city. This means Jazz & Pop has links to Cultuurschip Thor, Waanders In de Broeren, The Livingroom, pop venue Hedon, Theatres Odeon and de Spiegel along with various venues outside of the city. Masterclasses and performances take place on Cultuurschip Thor, while in The Livingroom, regular sessions are held and the venues of Hedon and Schouwburg Odeon provide the decor for band performances and the graduation festival. Every year in April, a festival is organised in Hedon and Cultuurschip Thor with band performances by students.