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After graduation

After graduation

Upon completion of the Interior Architecture programme (IN_architecture) in Zwolle, you will have the title Bachelor of Arts. You can go on to work as an interior architect at design agencies, set up your own interior design business or continue studying.

Junior designer at an agency

You will work on assignments in the field of housing, employment, healthcare, retail and public interiors. Clients are looking for solutions for new developments in healthcare, education or cultural institutions. The tasks and skills required will differ according to your specialisation.

When working on large projects, interior designers are often one of the designers within a large team. The complex criteria and regulations inherent in the challenges in healthcare, education and living/care environments require a multidisciplinary approach.

In small-scale projects, such as those for private clients, interior designers are often responsible for both the design and the execution. When setting up offices, knowledge of working conditions and ergonomics play a much bigger role. In retail, leisure and hospitality, the emphasis is on marketing and strategy. Collaboration with project developers and graphic designers seems the obvious choice here.

Independent entrepreneur

You can also start your own business as an entrepreneur. You will work independently or for private clients. The services ArtEZ offers its graduates include starter guidance in setting up their own business.

Further study

After completing the Interior Architecture programme, there are a number of options to continue your studies. This includes the Master of Interior Architecture and the Master of Architecture. During your Bachelor’s programme, you can already take the Construction Pre-Master so that you can directly enrol in the Master of Architecture.