Interior Architecture

After graduation

“What I found really inspiring was that you have lessons with a wide variety of guest lecturers, continually meeting new people who have new and different ideas. They challenge you again and again to think or work in new ways.”

Jorien van Glabbeek
Former student

After graduation

Upon completion of the Master of Interior Architecture programme, you will have the title Master of Interior Architecture. Alumni work as interior architects, innovators, or consultants, either independently or in employment.

Alumni Master of Interior Architecture

Graduates of the Master of Interior Architecture work as interior architects and entrepreneurs, self-employed or for a company. They also work as consultants in the fields of research and innovation with governments or as experimental developers of new projects.

Interior Architect professional traineeship

In order to be able to register as an Interior Architect with the Bureau Architectenregister, you must first complete a two-year professional traineeship after completing your study programme. After this period you can apply for registration as an Interior Architect. 

Own business

The services ArtEZ offers its graduates include starter guidance in setting up their own business.