Fine Art and Design in Education


Allard Koers
Head Fine Art and Design in Education


Make the world a better place with art. Bring all people into contact with art and design, including those for whom this is not so appealing or obvious. Help students develop their own talent. Coach people in their creative production process. Encourage others to create. That is the ambition of most students and we can help you learn how to do that.

Develop artistic talent

About half of your studies will be devoted to the visual arts, in the field of both autonomous art and design. The development of your own artistic talent is the primary objective here. You will also study and analyse the theory of art and culture and will deepen and broaden your knowledge of the background of artists from both the past and present, of architecture, media arts and design. You will learn to see with new eyes, delve into the creative processes and will develop your own vision of art and design. In addition, you will take theory programmes in subjects such as art history, art appreciation and aesthetics.

Learning to teach

Of course, didactics and the practical aspects of teaching will be thoroughly covered. Through various projects and internships, you will experience exactly what it is like to work at schools, cultural institutions and museums. You will support students in the development of their artistic potential using the proper pedagogical and didactic knowledge and skills.

Collaboration with other programmes

Teamwork and an enterprising attitude are important throughout the course. Students of the Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education, Music in Education, Dance in Education and Theatre in Education all follow a shared interfaculty ArtEZ study curriculum. You will work together on practice-oriented projects in which the relationship between the various art disciplines plays a central role. This interdisciplinary approach gives you a solid and broad foundation in your future field, whether that is in education or otherwise.