Fine Art and Design in Education


During the four-year Fine Art and Design in Education course in Arnhem, you will learn about Fine Art and Design, Theory of Art and Culture and Education. You will also gain practical experience during different internships.

In the first two and a half years, you will have many contact hours and will receive a broad orientation to the field. You will work on practice-oriented projects, with a focus on in-depth and investigative assignments. In the last one a half years, you will be given the opportunity to make individual choices within the three study domains.

First year: broad orientation

The first year is intentionally broad in order for you to acquire a good overview of the possibilities within the course and the career of an art teacher. In the artistic field, different media will be discussed and you will investigate where your interests and abilities lie. This will be achieved through programmes covering subjects such as autonomous design, digital design, multimedia design and applied design in 2D and 3D. In the first year, you will also complete a short internship. You will be introduced to professional practice, through which you will learn what it means to be a teacher in the Arts.

In the first year, you will have the opportunity to apply for admission to the Honours Programme, which is supplementary to the regular programmes of your own Bachelor’s course.

Second year: three study domains

The second study year is also broad and continues from the content in the first year. The learning tracks from the first year are deepened and broadened. Within the degree course, there are three study domains:

  • Visual Art and Design
  • Theory of Art and Culture
  • Education

Throughout the second and third years, internships will form an increasingly large part of your course. These internships will take place at secondary education or vocational training institutions.

Third year: internship and reflection

In the third year, you can decide how you wish to further develop in your studies. The internship and reflection thereafter play an important role in the third year. Forming a personal vision on the theoretical art subjects will also be discussed.

Fourth year: specialisation and more internships

In the final phase, you will complete the three study domains and will create an individual profile which best suits your interests and professional practice. For example, you can focus on design or, rather, on autonomous visual art. Within this scope, you will select a particular specialisation: photography, construction, furniture design, illustration, animation, games, etc. If you wish to teach the subject General Art later, you can also specialise in interdisciplinary work and cultural history. 

In the fourth year, you will be ready to give theoretical and practical classes, guide students and continually adapt your teaching style based on critical reflection. Depending on your future plans, in the fourth year, you can opt for a national school project internship or an internship in the field of art education: at a museum, an art centre or a publisher.

ArtEZ in Arnhem also offers the graduation specialisation LIO internship (teacher-in-training internship).

ArtEZ finals

All students of the Fine Art and Design in Education course will complete final examinations in visual arts in practice and present their work at the end of the academic year during the ArtEZ finals. A visit to this graduation exhibition is a must if you are thinking about taking Fine Art and Design in Education.

ArtEZ finals 2014 Art and Design in Education Arnhem.