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The Dance in Education course in Arnhem teaches you to see dance as an individual form of expression and art form in which the student dancing is the main focus.

Every student learns in a different way, has their own strengths within dance. One is more of a dancer, the next a viewer or critic, the third a maker.

During the course, you grow and develop a profile within your personal capacities and affinities as a teacher with your own signature. As a teacher, you must be able to stimulate the same thing in your students: their individual development within the broad concept of dance.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Interdisciplinary collaboration and an enterprising attitude are key throughout the course. Students of the Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education, Music in Education, Dance in Education and Theatre in Education programmes will take ArtEZ’s interfaculty programme. You will work on practice-oriented projects in which the underlying relationships between the various artistic disciplines are emphasised. This interdisciplinary approach will prove invaluable for building your professional network and will offer you a broad and solid foundation for your future professional practice, both in education and beyond.