Comic Design

After graduation

"To me, drawing comics means telling beautiful stories, exactly as I see them."

Jan Willem Spakman
Former student

After graduation

Upon completion of the Comic Design course at the Design Department, you will have the title Bachelor of Arts. You can go on to work as a cartoonist, at a design studio or at other organisations in the media, entertainment and creative industries.

Specialisms for cartoonists

An entrepreneurial attitude and perseverance are important factors for success after the academy. The ability to continually renew the discipline with new applications for comics creates opportunities, for instance in the area of journalistic and documentary comics. Comic artists tend to have multidisciplinary careers. In addition to creating comics and often working together with other creative artists, they also create illustrations, animations and graphic products. Comic artists may also specialise in the field of script writing, storyboarding and character design for comics, animations, films and games.

Personal practice 

Most alumni work as independent comic artists or start a studio with other individuals. Often setting up a business is combined with other part-time work. The expectation is that eventually a market niche will be found for their own product. The services ArtEZ offers its graduates include starter guidance in setting up their own business.

Further study

After graduation, you can continue your studies by taking a Master’s course. A Master’s in another discipline is a valuable addition to the competences developed during the Bachelor’s course. Internationally, there are numerous possibilities in the field of comics, for instance in Belgium at LUCA/Brussels and in France at Angoulême/Poitiers.