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Classical Music
Photography: Erik Franssen

Classical Music

Photography: Erik Franssen
  • Master's
  • 2 years, full-time
  • English
  • Zwolle

In the Master Classical Music in Zwolle, we help you to develop your own artistic signature. The course not only boosts your creativity, but also stimulates you to set yourself apart and make an impact on the musical work field and beyond.

Classical Music

In brief

Artistic vision

Musicians must have perfect control over their instrument, but to promote oneself well in the professional world counts for at least as much. In this fast-changing world, we need to be flexible, proactive, and creative. In this Master, you will not only refine your technical and musical skills, but also shape your artistic ideas. Our Performance Lab gives you the opportunity to be on stage frequently and we ask you to communicate with different types of audiences.


Working together and creation

This course supports the development and realisation of your own artistic concepts. Contact and collaboration with Master students of other disciplines is a crucial part of the course. In this Master, you enlarge your network by meeting, for instance, programmers and marketeers for different venues.

Follow your own path

Space for developing your artistic identity and examine your interests is dominant in this Master course. You choose electives and subjects to fit your own path – even from other Master courses in Enschede and Arnhem. For example, does Concepting & Imagineering take you interest? Or Curating? Of course, you will be coached by renowned professors and guest professors. You finish your Master with a Master Exam, in which the ideas you developed come together.

This two-year Master degree will provide you with a sound foundation for creating your own place in the world of professional music. After graduation you are in possession of the internationally recognised Master of Music (MMus).