Academy of Pop Music


Every voice is unique, which is precisely why it is important to learn to use your voice responsibly, so it can do what you want.

Because your body and voice are inseparable, you will receive training in singing as well as movement and vocal technique (Estill Voice Training System and Complete Vocal Technique). Your repertoire will be broadened in all styles and you will learn the inner workings of a band. In addition to all the theoretical programmes, this course will fully prepare you for professional practice. Taking your goals and capabilities into account, you will compose your own study curriculum in the third and fourth years.

Admission criteria Vocals

To complete the study in four years, we require a decent skills level at the start of the course. Your level and development capacity will be tested during admission.

  • Perform at least two pieces in different styles that are representative of your capabilities.
  • A fragment will be played which you will have to sing back by ear as quickly as possible.
  • Reading notation or singing a simple melody from sheet music.
  • Improvisaton.