Academy of Pop Music


We will begin with the basics required to play the piano. Experience from practice and the course shows that a good basis on an acoustic piano and broad harmonic training are essential for a professional keyboard player.

After this foundation has been laid, we set about mastering your preferred style. Of course, the use of the equipment needed for live performance will play a central role here and will be taught in collaboration with the MediaMusic course. This equipment includes tone generators, samplers, synthesisers and sequencers.

Playing on a keyboard or synthesiser can quickly become ‘gimmicky’ if you rely too heavily on the catchy sounds or cool grooves. Good training respects your background in and affinity with these basic tools, but at the same time gives you the opportunity to play at the highest musical level independent of this equipment.

Admission criteria Keys

To complete the study in four years, we require a decent level of skill at the start of the course. Your level and development capacity will be tested during admission.

  • You will play at least two pieces in different styles that are representative of your capabilities.
  • Rhythm test: hold a rhythm while a groove is playing, even when the groove stops for increasingly longer periods of time.
  • A fragment will be played which you will have to play back by ear as quickly as possible.
  • Reading musical notation.
  • Reading chord symbols (including directions regarding rhythm and style) for accompaniment as well as solo.