Academy of Pop Music


In addition to your guitar major, you will learn the inner workings of a band.

That means that in addition to playing well, you will also be expected to choose and arrange repertoires, write to involved parties, organise shows, lead rehearsals and make recordings, as well as feel comfortable on stage and in the recording studio. Perhaps you have hidden talents as a bandleader or studio guitarist or you may even be destined to become a band headliner. All aspects of accompaniment and playing solo in different pop styles will be addressed.

Timing and sense of pace will be trained intensively. Developing good technique will be a major focus. You will learn to play blues, play by ear, tell a story on your guitar, play grooves, provide good musical accompaniment, as well as play solo. Ample focus is also given to reading musical notation, sound, composition and style exploration.

In addition to the weekly lessons in your major, you will receive guitar training in small groups every week. This is primarily where technique and sight-reading will be trained. Majors, bands and theory courses all reinforce each other. Band repertoires can be discussed with the lecturer of your major. What you learn in the guitar lessons can be applied directly in the bands.

Admission criteria Guitar

To complete the study in four years, we require a decent level of skill at the start of the course. Your level and development capacity will be tested during admission.

  • You will play at least two pieces in different styles that are representative of your capabilities.
  • Rhythm test: hold a rhythm while a drum loop is playing, even when the loop stops for a number of beats.
  • A fragment will be played which you will have to play back by ear as quickly as possible and/or jam with a play-along without prior preparation.
  • Reading the musical notation of a simple melody.
  • Reading chord symbols (including directions regarding rhythm and style) for accompaniment as well as solo.