Academy of Pop Music


In addition to drum technique, coordination, style exploration, working with sequencers and click tracks, sight-reading and instrument-focused reading, you will learn to develop yourself in a band environment and thus, unlock possible hidden talents.

You may have talent as a bandleader, music arranger or studio technician, for example. You will become acquainted with sound systems, studio techniques, musical arrangements and percussions, with the goal of giving you the tools to function optimally as a musician and as part of a band.

The lessons will focus intensively on developing grooves and awareness for tempo. The exploration of your own style will be supported and your development of versatility and employability will be encouraged. Partly for this reason, reading musical notation will be taught and tested in its broadest form on a weekly basis. In your major, you will also learn how to deal with loops and create them yourself through hard disk recording and MIDI sequencing.

The weekly technique lessons offer the necessary support to the major. You will learn to apply rudiments to the entire drum set and percussion techniques along with the associated practice. This major fits well with forming and performing in bands. What you study in the major, can be put to immediate use in practice, and the requirements of band culture for you as a drummer will be provided in your major.

Admission criteria Drums

To complete the study in four years, we require a decent level of skill at the start of the course. Your level and development capacity will be tested during admission.

  • You will play at least two pieces in different styles that are representative of your capabilities.
  • Rhythm test: hold a rhythm while a sequencer is playing, even when the groove stops for increasingly longer periods of time.
  • Coordination: apply rudiments in grooves.
  • Techniques.
  • Reading musical notation (including directions regarding rhythm and style) for accompaniment as well as solo.