Academy of Pop Music

Bass guitar

The lessons in this major go in depth into the development of bass lines. You will be coached in the exploration of your own style and your versatility, soloist skills and employability will be developed.

Partly for this reason, notation will be taught and tested in its broadest form on a weekly basis. In your foundational training, skills will be taught in groups. The competitive element plays an important motivational role.

In addition to reading notes and chord symbols, supervision, technique etc., you will learn to develop yourself in a band environment and thus, unlock your hidden talents, perhaps as a bandleader, music arranger or studio technician, for example. You will acquaint yourself with things such as sound systems, studio techniques and arrangements. After your studies, you will be employable in any studio or music venue as a bass player. You will have an understanding of style, pop history, culture and current trends and events. You will also be able to use audio/visual techniques for creative, productive, stimulating, and transformative activities, both individually and in an ensemble.

Admission criteria Bass guitar

To complete the study in four years, we require a decent level of skill at the start of the course. Your level and development capacity will be tested during admission.

  • You will play at least two pieces in different styles that are representative of your capabilities.
  • Rhythm test: hold a rhythm during a recorded drum loop, even when the loop stops for a number of beats.
  • A fragment will be played which you will have to play back by ear as quickly as possible and/or jam with a play-along without prior preparation.
  • Reading notation.
  • Reading chord symbols (including directions regarding rhythm and style) for accompaniment as well as solo.