Academy of Pop Music

After graduation

"I organised a large festival for my graduation project called Enschede Rocks. I was assessed on its organisation (because of my music management minor) and on the attending bands and my songwriting."

Alex Freise
Former student

After graduation

After graduation you will have the title Bachelor of Music. Your graduation project is your introduction to the pop industry. This project may consist of a performance, your own EP, label or business.

Our alumni can be found across the pop sector spectrum: from performing artists to pop musicians, with their own label or booking agencies. About 95 per cent of our graduates find work in the field for which they were trained. Known former students include: Stefany June, Luxuslaerm, Miss Montreal and Krystl. 

One of the services we offer graduates is starter guidance, which is advice for setting up your own company. 

Further studies  

The Master of Music links perfectly with the Bachelor’s course. In this Master’s course you can further specialise in the direction that appeals to you most.