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Niels Matitawaer brings two worlds together: architecture and hip hop culture

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“Can you create architecture inspired by the hip hop culture?” Niels Matitawaer is doing the Architecture master course at ArtEZ and in a video he talks about his graduation project. From its very origin, of course, the hip hop culture has always been a movement manifesting itself in the public urban space. Therefore, it is a street culture. And that made me curious, can you turn it around? Can you make architecture inspired by that culture?” 

Niels Matitawaer brings two worlds together: architecture and hip hop culture

Niels designed a building that’s an expression of the hip hop culture. He explains: “The building is a concrete, closed block. It’s made from prefab concrete elements. And you don’t even see anything from the outside. But there is a lot happening in the facade, you just can’t see what’s happening behind it.” 

From the outside, it looks like a traditional building. But if you look more closely, you’ll see there’s more going on. He continues: “You look from the inside out. The idea is that youkind of look at society in a suspicious way. The building represents having respect for the hip hop culture.”  

The Master Architecture at ArtEZ focuses strongly on highly visual and practice-oriented education. The goal is to create a better world through creative and inspiring work. During the course you will study and work at an architectural firm at the same time. You’ll apply the knowledge you learn during your courses at the firm. You develop yourself into an architect who creates designs that are sustainable by keeping our society and planet in mind. You not only design buildings, but you also keep your own social responsibilities in mind: how does your work affect people, animals, and our environment? Not just now, but also in the future. With the Architecture master course, you get the needed tools to tackle these responsibilities. 

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