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Art on prescription: Art Based Learning in Palliative Care

Art education
Mapping and tracking
Professorship for Art education as Critical Tactics
  • Partner(s): Amsterdam UMC (AUMC/VUmc), de Nederlandse Federatie van Kankerpatiënten organisaties (NFK), Universiteit Twente (Narratieve Psychologie), Museum Jan Cunen, Amsterdam Museum.
  • Financier(s): Dutch Research Council (NWO)
  • Started in: January 2020
  • Finished in: September 2021

Evidence informed research on the theory and practice of Art-Based Learning in visual arts as designed by Jeroen Lutters. The model is used within art education. In this project it is also used as a complementary service in health care. The partners in this are a consortium with the UvA, VU, UT, RU, Museum Arnhem, Museum Amsterdam, and Museum Jan Cunen. The project had a pilot with a SIA subsidy, and is now applying for a bigger SIA subsidy.

Art Based Learning in Palliative Care (ABL-PC) | Photo: Veronique Steenmetser
Photo: Veronique Steenmetser

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