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No University. Center for Advanced Studies

Art education
Professorship for Art education as Critical Tactics
  • Partner(s): Academiehuis Grote Kerk Zwolle, Coolwater
  • Financier(s): Joint Venture No University
  • Started in: January 2022

No University is an international community of non-conformist artists, makers and scientists, working together on inter-disciplinary, multi-level, non-reductionist research and experiments related to the important societal challenges of the next decades: sustainability, equitability and resilience.

No University. Center for Advanced Studies

This experimental project is centered around the need for a new form of higher education, hosted by a University of the Arts (ArtEZ), that contributes to a sustainable, equitable and resilient society. This new form of higher education will be positioned as a ‘Center for Advanced Studies’ where scholars can work on themes on a system level, funded by fellowships. The No University - Advanced Studies Community started to be operative in January 2022 in a collaboration between WO, HBO and MBO in Zwolle.

Events and lectures

Have a look at the events calendar featuring public lectures as part of the lecture series offered by the No University Center for Advanced Studies at the Academiehuis Grote Kerk, Zwolle. The lectures are given by leading scientists, artists, and creators.


'No University. A Creative Turn in Higher Education' explores a subject that is incredibly important to the future of our society: the innovation of higher education. This book about No University is a must for anyone questioning the contemporary structure of higher education and looking for a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable future society, particularly through re-positioning the arts and humanities.

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