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Study Try Out days Academy of Music

Have you attended an open day or are you seriously thinking about starting a course, but would you like to try the study for a day before making a final choice? Then come to one of the Study try out days in Enschede.


ArtEZ Conservatorium Van Essengaarde 10 Enschede
Study Try Out days  Academy of Music

In February and March 2024, you can come and join one of the courses at the Academy of Music in Enschede for a day. During this day, you will follow part of the regular education programme, under the guidance of a student from the course, who can tell you all the ins and outs. After that day, you will have a good idea of the study, the atmosphere, the workload and whether it suits you.
The study try out days are from 5-9 February, 4-8 March and 25-29 March.

This January, you will find the programme here and you can sign up for one of the study try out days.