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ArtEZ high in Higher Professional Education Guide ranking

Arnhem, October 2020 | Today Keuzegids (Higher Professional Education Guide) announced that no less than nine of the eighteen bachelor courses in total at ArtEZ University of the Arts qualify for the designation of Top Course this year. 

ArtEZ high in Higher Professional Education Guide ranking

It is the result of the annual higher professional education research conducted by the independent editorial staff of Keuzegids. The outcome shows a further increase in the top five rankings for ArtEZ. Last year it contained twelve ArtEZ studies and this year that number has risen to fourteen.
The five courses that were already number one within ArtEZ have retained this position in academic year 2020/2021.

Commenting on this result, Marjolijn Brussaard, President of the Executive Board of ArtEZ University of the Arts, says, “ArtEZ scores consistently highly in the Higher Professional Education Guide. We are pleased with the appreciation expressed by students, alumni and the field and continue to work on our quality – especially in these difficult times for students and education.”

Nine Top Courses and five number 1 positions
According to the 2021 Bachelor of Higher Professional Education Guide, no less than nine ArtEZ bachelor courses can call themselves Top Courses. According to Keuzegids, Top Courses distinguish themselves within their discipline and deserve a seal of quality.

The nine Top Courses of ArtEZ are: 
Bear (Fine Art Arnhem), Dance Arnhem, Dance in Education Arnhem, Theatre in Education Arnhem, Music in Education Enschede, Music Arnhem (Jazz & Pop and Music Theatre), Music Therapy Enschede , School of Acting Arnhem, Design Enschede (Crossmedia Design and Moving Image).
In addition, five courses are number 1 in the rankings: Bear (Fine Art Arnhem), Theatre in Education Arnhem, Music Therapy Enschede, School of Acting Arnhem, Design Enschede (Crossmedia Design and Moving Image).

Een topopleiding is herkenbaar aan deze zegel

About the Higher Professional Education Guide
The Keuzegids Hbo 2020 is published by the Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie (C.H.O.I.) [Centre for Higher Education Information]. This guide is published annually and judges on the basis of student satisfaction.

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