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International Collaboration between ArtEZ Academy of Music and ENSATT School of Theatre, Lyon (FR)

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It was already on the agenda before the COVID-19 pandemic; an ambitious collaboration between ENSATT School of Theatre (Lyon, FR), and the Music Theatre course at the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Arnhem. Now, it's finally happening; nine students from Lyon are working together with four ArtEZ students on a piece exploring and shedding light on the nuances of gender expression. The central theme: a French-Dutch marriage eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child 

International Collaboration between ArtEZ Academy of Music and ENSATT School of Theatre, Lyon (FR)

Banana Peels and Soundscapes  

Under the guidance of Jamie Bradley, director from the ENSATT School of Theatre, and ArtEZ lecturer Jan Pieter Koch, they are working on a production that enriches a 17th-century fairy tale with progressive audiovisual elements. Banana peels litter the floor, impressive soundscapes are projected onto the wall, and the space is filled with experimental electronic sounds. It's evident here that art serves as a universal language. 

Performance in Lyon  

In August, the conservatory in Arnhem served as host for the development of the piece. Soon, the Music Theatre students will travel to Lyon where they will further rehearse and perform the production. If you're curious about this unique piece, you can still get tickets for the performance via the ENSATT website 

Combining Disciplines in the Music Theatre course  

Within the Music Theatre course, the combination of disciplines is crucial. One learns to think from both a musical and theatrical perspective. Additionally, students collaborate with students from other arts disciplines, learning from each other's expertise. The collaboration with the Theater master's students from Lyon beautifully embodies this approach and highlights the international character of the ArtEZ Academy of Music 

This collaboration has been made possible thanks to the Erasmus Fund’s support.