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SPOTTED: ArtEZ Fashion Design alumni in Volkskrant Magazine

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SPOTTED: Fashion Design alumni of ArtEZ shine in Volkskrant Magazine. Read how MAISON the FAUX shows how things can be done differently and how Iris van Herpen looks back on her phenomenal 15-year career. 

Photo by Reinier RVDA
Photo by Reinier RVDA

The universe of MAISON the FAUX

Beyond fashion

Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer got to know each other at the bachelor Fashion Design in Arnhem. Together they form the design duo MAISON the FAUX. In the nine years since their graduation in 2013, they grew from fashion designers to performance artists and set designers. It is not the clothes that are central, but the creation of an experience. De Boer: "We therefore explicitly call MAISON the FAUX not a clothing brand, but a creative fashion studio."

Keeping in touch with ArtEZ

Joris and Tessa were taught by Anya Janssen, a teacher at ArtEZ. Years later, the duo got in touch with Anya again and now they speak to her regularly. They are always curious about her feedback. "Anya always looks beautiful too: dressed from head to toe in Margiela or just in a crazy dress from the party store."

Winning awards and travelling around the world

MAISON the FAUX has won several awards, recently they were the winners of the 11th edition of the Cultuurfonds Mode Stupendium. They also participated in the fashion weeks of Amsterdam, Paris and New York.

These alumni have invented themselves. Joris and Tessa have been looking for something that suits them, but which clearly also has a place for it. That is obviously taken up.

Matthijs Boelee, head of bachelor Fashion Design

Iris van Herpen looks back on her phenomenal 15-year career

Time at ArtEZ

Iris van Herpen began her time at ArtEZ with craftwork and draping. She discovered her own language. "After a few years I started thinking and working outside of my comfort zone, and involving other disciplines." This turned out to be important for the development of her work: thanks to working with architects, Iris discovered that she likes working with 3D.

Awareness of sustainability at courses

Iris is aware of the polluting side of the fashion industry. "40 to 45 percent of all garments produced are never worn. It doesn't even reach consumers." It gives Iris hope that, especially in fashion colleges, there is a conscious approach to materials, the ways of making them and small numbers.

"Sustainability has become an even more important theme within my work. It feels absolutely wrong to me to go back to a system that is no longer calculated for the future."

At work

Iris is completely independent. Her clients ensure that the studio keeps running. "I realize it's a pretty exceptional situation. Fashion houses often depend on perfume or ready-to-wear anyway, we don't. I'm not necessarily against perfume, but ready-to-wear doesn't fit my worldview."